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Competition and

Regulatory Authority of the Cook Islands

About Us

The Competition & Regulatory Authority is a statutory body, which acts independently of the government of the day, in the exercise of economic and technical regulatory powers and functions, over sectors designated by Act of the Cook Islands Parliament.

As at 1 March 2021, telecommunications is the sector subject to the Authority’s jurisdiction, under the provisions of the Telecommunications Act 2019.

The Authority comprises up to three members, being suitably qualified individuals, appointed by the Minister in charge, on the recommendation of a special purpose Evaluation Committee. The Committee is made up of the Financial Secretary, the Public Service Commissioner, and the Solicitor-General.

Currently, the Authority has one member, the Chair, Mr. Bernard Hill. The Authority has one staff member, the Office Administrator, Ms Etuatina Drollett.



Regulated Sectors

The Authority’s role is to enable competition by licensing new players to provide services, and to regulate competitive activity and consumer protection in accordance with internationally recognized competition law principles.


Telecommunications Act 2019-Public Consultation No.1

Universal access plan and second mobile operator license

Telecommunications Act 2019-Public Consultation No. 2

Universal access plan and second mobile operator licence

Telecommunications Act 2019-Public Consultation No. 3

National Radio Frequency Spectrum Plan and Frequency Band Plan