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Structure, Conduct and Performance Issues for the Cook Islands Submarine Cable System

The purpose of this report, commissioned by the CRA, is to help the established and new participants in the Cook Islands telecommunications sector (including the CRA) make informed decisions in relation to the design, pricing and use of services on the new submarine cable system.

Market Entry in Small Markets

The primary purpose of this report to the CRA on the introduction of facilities based competition in the mobile telephony markets of other small countries is to inform the CRA’s development of the Cook Islands Universal Access Plan (UAP) for telecommunications services.

CINSF Submission Public Consultation No.1

VCI Submission Public Consultation No.1

ATH Submission Public Consultation No.1

Telecommunications Act 2019-Public Consultation No. 2

Universal access plan and second mobile operator licence

Telecommunications Act 2019-Public Consultation No.1

Universal access plan and second mobile operator license

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