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Superfund shows interest in investing domestically

The Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund (CINSF) made an offer to purchase Government’s stake in Vodafone Cook Islands Limited in a bid to invest domestically.

Cable operator looking for new chief

With the Manatua Cable in operation, internet firm Avaroa Cable Ltd is looking for its next chief executive to steer the company through the next stages of its development.

Licences for four new internet service providers paves the way for competition

Four new local internet operators have been granted licences in a bid to improve services and provide competition to Vodafone Cook Islands.

Casting the Net far and wide

The future of the Cook Islands internet looks reliable, fast and cheap. But it can feel far off. Slow internet frustration is still very much alive and well. So where are we and where are we headed?

Fair play goal for telecom ‘ref’

Bernard Hill is here to make sure our internet providers play fair. Hill was appointed to a three-year term at the beginning of last year as the chair of the Competition and Regulatory Authority.

Local distribution network slows internet

Business owner Stephen Lyon took to social media to complain about Vodafone’s internet speed - supported by more than 90 comments – but the Cook Islands telecommunications regulator says the problem will take time to fix.

Government proposes regulation prohibiting importation of substandard electrical equipment

Te Ulu o te Watu launches new net service

Yesterday was a memorable day for the people of Pukapuka as the Island Government switched on its own internet service provided by Kuk i Net and powered by Kacific Satellites.

Faster internet for Pa Enua ‘in the works’

Vodafone looks to refit the outer islands with 3G and 4G networks, an upgrade that was put on the back-burner because of Covid-19.

Unlimited data broadband on its way to the Cooks

Telecommunications service regulator says he’s confident unlimited data broadband plans will become normalised in the Cook Islands.

Slow internet complaint ‘ill-informed’

Vodafone signed up to use the Manatua Cable in September last year.

Regulator defends Starlink users

Cook Islands telecommunications regulator head Bernard Hill said regional regulators who are banning the use of Starlink might have an “overinflated view” of their importance.

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