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Te Ulu o te Watu launches new net service

11 Sep, 2021

The mayor of Pukapuka Nassau, Levi Walewaoa, says the Pukapuka Nassau Island Government made the decision to change its internet service provider from Vodafone to Kuk i Net.

“It is with great honour and privilege to be able to showcase this amazing service to our community, as it is a one-of-a-kind service that has been introduced to our island.

“This is also a proud moment for us to have our very own Tim Anker, install and set up our connection,” said Walewaoa.

The satellite equipment arrived in Pukapuka on Friday last week and Kuk i Net technician Tim Anker landed the day after.

Anker started assembling the connection on Monday and the service provider was launched yesterday morning.

Kuk i Net director William Framhein said he had first approached the Member of Parliament for Pukapuka Nassau, Tingika Elikana, last October to explore the opportunity of setting up Pukapuka and Nassau with an alternative internet service and also to recommend a young person in Pukapuka to join Kuk i Net; Anker was recommended.

The idea for the island to switch to Kuk i Net was brought up through a conversation with Framhein and Anker.

Both, Framhein said, believed that their product would be able to provide a faster and more efficient internet service to everyone, and be more helpful in remote areas like Nassau.

In the past some of the challenges for the islands was the speed of sending and receiving emails and communicating to people via Zoom meetings and video chats.

Walewaoa expressed that they had needed a service that would provide them with unlimited usage, fast speeds, and to send and receive emails and reports without delay.

He said the Island Government “can now expect to work more efficiently with a better internet service provider”.

According to Framhein, the Northern Group islands of Pukapuka/Nassau, Penrhyn, Manihiki and Rakahanga shared 10Mbps (megabits per second).

“As of yesterday, Pukapuka will enjoy up to 35Mbps download and up to 5Mbps upload speeds with uncapped data. When Nassau has their equipment installed in a few weeks, they will enjoy up to 20Mbps download and up to 5Mbps upload speeds with uncapped data,” said Framhein.

There is one other private installation on Pukapuka and three other private installations destined for Nassau.

Walewoa would like to thank Framhein and Anker of Kuk i Net, their MP Tingika Elikana, executive officer Pio Ravarua, and the island councillors for supporting this initiative.

“I know that this service will make a huge difference to our Pukapuka/Nassau Island Government, in terms of improving our standard of service and work in the Cook Islands,” Walewoa said.

Anker says, “What an honour it has been to be the one to bring this service home. Standby Wale, koi muli te meitaki.”

Written by Melina Etches, CINews.